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Georgia State University students taking College of Arts and Sciences courses on the downtown campus can use this site to submit requests for course registration assistance for several common issues, including the following:

This form is for registration assistance for the downtown campus only. If you are a Perimeter College student, please contact the department on your campus for assistance (see

To submit a request for registration assistance for these and related issues, please select the home department for the course and the appropriate term from the list below (all course prefixes for the department are listed for reference).

Department/Institute Course Prefixes Select Term
African-American Studies AAS Fall 2020
Applied Linguistics AL, ESL, IEP Fall 2020
Anthropology ANTH Fall 2020
Biology BIOL Fall 2020
Chemistry CHEM Fall 2020
Creative Media Industries CMIS Fall 2020
Communication COMM, JOUR, SCOM Fall 2020
Computer Science CSC, DSCI Fall 2020
Dean's Office ISCI, NSCI Fall 2020
English FOLK, ENGL Fall 2020
Geosciences GEOG, GEOL, GEOS Fall 2020
Gerontology GERO Fall 2020
History HIST Fall 2020
Mathematics & Statistics MATH, STAT Fall 2020
Military Science MSL Fall 2020
Neuroscience NEUR Fall 2020
Philosophy PHIL Fall 2020
Physics & Astronomy ASTR, PHYS Fall 2020
Political Science GLOS, POLS Fall 2020
Psychology PSYC Fall 2020
Religious Studies RELS Fall 2020
Sociology SOCI Fall 2020
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies WGSS Fall 2020
World Languages and Cultures ARBC, CHIN, GRMN, FREN, JAPN, KORE, LATN, MES, SPAN, WLC Fall 2020